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Call for Service with just a Click!
Easily Notify the Server for Orders, Water, Assistance, and Bill out.

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RestoxApp is a Restaurant App Call Button that Improves Service by Notifying the Server About the Customers Needs. NOW Downloadable on any iOS or Android device!

RestoxApp desktop and mobile
  • For Customers
    • Avoid struggle when the server can’t see your constant raising of hands
    • Avoid hassle of calling the staff again and again
    • With just a click of a button notify the staff about your needs
    • Be at ease and check your queue no
  • For Restaurant Owners
    • Lessen negative feedback about customer service because of unattended customers and forgotten orders
    • Be more organized and know what table to assist first
    • Compile feedbacks better
    • Keep track of no of customers served within the day/week/month

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How To Download and Use our App

Step 1

Download RestoxApp

Step 2

Open the App

Step 3

Register/Login your Account

Step 4

Scan the QR Code on your Table

Step 5

Click the Action you want

Available Actions:

Menu- View Menu

Order- Ready to Order

Water- Request Service Water

Assistance- Additional Order, Something Wrong with Order, Request Take out, etc.

Bill out- Ready to Pay

Step 6

Check your Queue No

Step 7

Click Bill out when done

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Significantly improve the way communication works in your business!



  • First 70 days free!
  • Access to RestoxApp Admin Account

Pro (Monthly)


  • Billed Monthly
  • Access to RestoxApp Admin Account

Pro (Yearly)


  • Billed Yearly. Save $20!
  • Access to RestoxApp Admin Account
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